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'I was at my friend's having coffee and it was on the news. I went on Facebook and within a couple of hours something else came up so I changed my status.'

I’ve been a doctor for twenty years. I’ve not lost a single patient to suicide. I’ve lost only colleagues, friends, lovers, all male physicians, to suicide.

David Kempton: why I'm voting for Europe EU membership has been good for the UK and most immigrants work hard and pay their way, says our experienced investor.

Atlanta Loses Cnn S Final Weekday Anchors Carol Costello And

carol costello s late morning show will be based out of new york by the end of

Atlanta Loses Cnn S Final Weekday Anchors Carol Costello And

brooke baldwin seen on cnn as anchor from 2 to 4 p m weekdays is

Trump Tweets And The Tv News Stories Behind Them Cnnmoney

cnn s alisyn camerota teased a panel discussion and said that on the campaign trail president elect trump promised to protect women and make mexico pay

Acosta Trump Spokesman Threatened To Expel Me Cnnpolitics

Cnn News Anchor Brooke Baldwin Breaks Down In Tears On Live Tv

brooke badlwin on the edge of tears after the word was used cnn

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