Who Said So Gamer is Cheap? It's Proof If The Game Hobby Is Expensive

        Source: Kompasiana.com So gamers are expensive! Even sometimes there are gamers who are willing to live as possible to be able to buy their favorite games. Do not stop there, stay in the cafe will be dilakoni by the gamer in order to play the favorite game.
Hobbies or jobs that one is often get a negative stamp for some people. Some say that playing the game is a very bad hobby.
In fact, playing games proved to not only have a negative impact. Games for some people will actually have a positive impact, such as making a good english or association more and more.

I myself think that playing the game is a positive hobby and of course cool. What? Cool? Yes, I think playing games is a cool hobby and no less cool with people who like automotive or traveling.
Why do I say a hobby of cool game play? The answer is simple, because being a gamer is expensive. Many prices have to be redeemed to be able to play games start and financially to physical.

Well, about how expensive to be a gamer? Duniaku.net this time will discuss it for you game lovers. Maybe after reading this article you guys as gamers will be more confident in social environment or to reach love, hahaha.
Let's go straight into this very exciting discussion. If you can read this article until it runs out.
1Buy Console
Source: PinterestThe first thing to be an expensive gamer is that you have to buy a console. As a gamer, you certainly do not afdol if it does not have a console, let alone the latest console may be needed by people who like playing games.
As I mentioned earlier, the console is one proof so gamers are expensive. If you want to buy a console, you have to spend at least 5 million rupiah to buy a PlayStation 4 console.
Especially when the PlayStation 4 is experiencing significant price increases. My sister some time ago had to spend 5.5 million rupiah to buy a PlayStation 4 console with bundling Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat X.

If you want to add one Dualshock 4, you have to add money of 650 thousand rupiah! Still said to be less cool gamers?
"But bro, can we buy second?" Yes, it is the choice we have if we do not have enough money to buy a new console. We can go to the place of buying and selling online then look for the console we want.
The problem is, the second console that price is also quite expensive. To buy a PlayStation 4 second, you must spend at least 3 million rupiah. Maybe if you browse the online buying-in more, you will find the second console with the price below it.

But the thing is, it rarely happens. Not to mention we do not know whether the quality of the second console that we buy is still good and durable. If it turns out that only one week has been damaged, we will spend money for service costs unless the console is still a warranty.
Try if specified, 5.5 million rupiah money you can use to travel to Bali and Lombok on a plane class Garuda Indonesia back and forth.
2Main on PC Also Expensive
Source: eTeknix "Boss, if it can not play on the console, we move to PC" The phrase is true there is much less PC is known as the PC Master Race jargon. But, not as cheap as it plays games on the console.
If 5.5 million rupiah we can get a console that can definitely run the game comfortably, in our PC will not get it. On PC, with 5.5 million rupiah we will only be able to spec A10 or A8 Bristol Bridge standard, 8GB RAM, and VGA class 1030 GT or below.
That does not include monitors that are quite expensive. If you want to be tricked, we can use PC part second. Probably 5.5 million rupiah worth is able to spec PC that standaran capable of running games in 1080p resolution with medium settings at least.

Madness does not stop there, because as PC gamers, of course we need component upgrades if we can not start the game. Well, for component upgrades, we need money out of course not small.
Even for the big budget people, they can spend money from tens to hundreds of millions to get their dream PC and play games with as much as possible.

Up here, still say playing games is a bad hobby and less cool? For example, assemble a PC for 100 million, the money is worth the price of a car.
Oiya, besides PC, you can also play games on laptop. However, to be able to play the game to the maximum and comfortable you need a laptop for tens of millions or worth two to three PlayStation 4.
What else makes gamers expensive? Please read on to the next page.

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