Vainglory 5 vs 5! 5 New Things That Potentially Make Vainglory Better Than Other Analog MOBA!

Official! Developer Vainglory has announced if on December 17th they will be presenting new modes, namely Vainglory 5 vs 5.
At an event held in SCBD area, Jakarta on December 5, 2017 yesterday, Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC) as the developer of Vainglory finally announced what has been waiting for fans.

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Not only the new mode of Vainglory 5 vs 5, Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC) also highlighted 5 new things that will be embedded in a major update Vainglory later. Anything? Let's see the new features below!
1The more polished graphics

Vainglory from the very beginning has shown above-average graphics to its players!
It's greatness even then it can not be defeated by other MOBA available in Android and iOS application store. This is because Vainglory using their own engine that claimed the best in the world.
In Vainglory 5 vs 5, players will be presented with graphics that supposedly even better. In fact, the game is claimed to use as many as 3 million polygons.

Polygon itself can be described as a multiple side field that forms every object in the game. The more polygons, the more "real" graphics!
Moreover, players will see different assets compared to mode 3 vs 3. So, Vainglory 5 vs 5 is more curious to look forward to.

By Super Evil Megacorp


Can not wait? No harm to you to download Vainglory now while waiting for Vainglory 5 vs 5 live!

The first 2Game mobile that runs up to 120 fps

Game made by SEMC is also a game that can first serve a frame rate of 120 fps. Currently, in general mobile games range between 30-60 fps.
However, Vainglory has shown with Razer Phone that the game is able to run very well at 120 fps. That way, players claimed to get a much more maximal experience!
Vainglory master race?
3Control is not just tap?

Vainglory is a mobile MOBA game that until now still refers to the tap control system in moving the unit inside. For loyal players, the control is much better than using virtual analog. Agree?
In Vainglory 5 vs 5 later, SEMC will make significant changes to the player's control.
Later, Vainglory players can not only do tap, but also can utilize gesture hold and slide. So, you can later run the character with tap, hold, or slide.

The controls claimed by SEMC are more accurate and have a higher response rate.
There are still 2 more things that have the potential to make Vainglory back into the best mobile MOBA game! Anything? Check on the second page yes!

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