Timur Batrutdinov became the ambassador of the Old Spice brand | Advertising Marketing PR

Old Spice Russia launches a new advertising campaign, whose face became the resident of the Comedy Club Timur Batrutdinov. As part of the brand's promotion, he is ready to take on real men's challenges, which he will be able to do thanks to Old Spice. Representatives of the brand told about the tests that are ahead of the funniest bachelor of the country. Test No. 1 Forty-eight-hours-all-Challenged Challenges are a real test of strength for both Old Spice and Timur. Will he get dripping with icy water, eat a lot of burgers, cinnamon, make a shuttle flip and even say "Old Spice" with his mouth open? The brand guarantees that during all these 48 hours Old Spice will help the resident of Comedy not to hit the dirt in the face. Test number 2 How is the world record of laughter and Old Spice? How do you laugh at someone who seems to know all the jokes in the world and can come up with just as much? But we are going to record – 48 hours of continuous laughter (though, only over Nezlobin's jokes – specified in the press release). Test # 3 If you think that you saw Timur in all possible and impossible roles, then you will have a new revelation. Now Timur is a beauty blogger for real men, and he will tell them about the legendary deodorant, which was so lacking for great travelers, pioneers and cosmonauts. And even a very beautiful girl can not distract Timur from such an important and interesting lesson. "I'm very happy to join the Old Spice Brotherhood! Why? Yes because it is a very cool brand, which is loved by the coolest guys all over the world. If Terry Crews or Isaiah Mustafa call me "bro", I will not mind. I think the story with funny and cool Challenges from Old Spice is fun and cool, and I'll be glad to take part in them, especially if I have such reliable protection, "says Timur Batrutdinov.

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