This Timetable of the World Cup Contest Team Team 2018 in RI, JAKARTA – Indonesian national team finally confirmed the trial schedule against Iceland. The team that qualified for the 2018 Russia World Cup is scheduled to undergo twice as many matches on 11 and 14 January 2018. Deputy Secretary General of business development PSSI, Marshal Mashita explained, on January 11 that will be opposed by Iceland is the Indonesian team selection. The contents are players from League 1 who are polled by the community and coach. Meanwhile, on January 14, the Indonesian national team projected to the 2018 Asian Games will be the opposite of the Scandinavian archipelago team. "It is very good for Indonesia because there is a World Cup participant coming in. For January 11 match between in Central Java or Jabodetabek For January 14 we play in SUGBK," said Marshal in a press conference at the PSSI office on Wednesday (6/12). Promoter of the match Lars Heidenreich from Mediapro Asia confirmed that his sponsor Iceland's arrival to the country did not want to just make this game over in 90 minutes. They are interested in using Iceland players to share about football. "We see that Indonesia is one big football market we know football fans here are great and we want to share how countries like Iceland can qualify for the World Cup," he said. (Dkk / jpnn)

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