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The latest DC film project and Warner Bros. is Shazam! can be fairly quick to choose the cast. After the entry of director David.F Sanberg, actor Zachary Levi certainly plays a major role in this film and Asher Angel plays an alter-ego Shazam named Billy Batson. Recently, the young actor of film director Jack Dylan Grazer will join Asher Angel in the upcoming Shazam movie.
Reported from Deadline, actor Eddie Kaspbrak in the IT film is officially a new actor for the movie Shazam. Jack Dylan Grazer will play a good friend Billy Batson named Freddy Freeman, this character is the only person who knows the multiple personality owned by Billy Batson. The gait of young actor Jack Dylan Grazer is becoming recognized when he performed brilliantly in the film IT and it became the main reason Warner Bros. involving this 14-year-old actor in the movie Shazam !.

So it is not surprising why Shazam involves the young stars in it, if you follow the development of Shazam movies, some time ago had spread the word that David F.Sanberg is looking for a cast for four teenage members Marvel Family and Freddie Freeman this is one member of the Marvel family the. In the DC comic version, Freddie was first told in the comic series The Power of Shazam # 7 in 1995 as Captain Marvel Jr.
With the involvement of Jack Dylan Grazer it is certain that Shazam film will focus on telling the life of Billy Batson as alter ego Shazam. Along with this news, we wish David F. Sansberg and the crew to quickly announce three other Marvel Family members such as Carlos, Daniel, and Suzy to help Billy Batson against Dr. villain. Thaddeus Sivana, played by actor Mark Strong.
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