The Wizard of Legend Makes You a Strong Wizard Ala Avatar!

Need a game of genre dungeon crawler cool and not boring? Try the Wizard of Legend, from Contingent99, you'll be hooked!

Game dungeon crawling is quite popular by many lovers of RPG game full of action adventure.
This time Contingent99 announced the Wizard of Legend, one of the new RPGs featuring exciting adventures that are full of magic. Like other dungeon crawling games, this one RPG is also flavored with roguelike system! So you are free to play back in the new dungeon that gives you a new experience.

By Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.


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One interesting feature that makes the Wizard of Legend is better than the other similar game is the style of the game itself. This game has a fast and action-packed game tempo.
Even this game also gives the beat'em up element is very exciting, because you can beat your enemies by using various powerful magic!

In accordance with the title, you will act as a magician. It is told that every year in the Lanova kingdom, the Wizarding Council holds a test called dendgan Chaos Trial.
This test presents the most difficult challenge and can only be solved by the strongest wizards only. The contestants who successfully complete the whole tangangan, he will be crowned legend magician! Are you a witch?
Every magician can wear their chosen coat. Some coats will have a certain effect, but also affect the power of other wizards.
For example there is a mantle that reduces Health, but gives effect to the strength and speed of the magician. There are also various equipment that you can use, such as weapons and armor.

As for the magic you can use to finish off your enemy named Arcana. Players can choose the Arcana that match the style of the game. Like most games, there's an element system that matches the Arcana you use to fight.
Some Arcana have a damaged power and different effects. For example, Arcana fire element will give high damage and able to burn the enemy quickly, or you prefer Arcana ice element that can freeze the enemy for a while.
Players can bring several types of Arcana at once in one game. Customize your character to become the strongest magician that deserves to be a legend!

The Wizard of Legend will be released in the first quarter of 2018. This game will be available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.
Source: Siliconera, edited by Fachrul Razi

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