The Trump Effect: Israel attacks military posts in Gaza in response to missile launches

                                                                                                            The Israeli army on Thursday attacked two military infrastructures in Gaza in response to the launching of projectiles from the Strip into its territory, where one of them made an impact.
"A projectile was launched from northern Gaza and exploded in southern Israel, in response to this shot and the other projectiles that were fired at Israel throughout the day but fell on the Strip, an Army tank and an aircraft they attacked two military posts, "a military statement announced.
In the note, the Army recalled that Israel "holds Hamas responsible for the hostile activity perpetrated against the country from Gaza."
Hours before, two shells were fired into Israeli territory, which did not reach, during a day in which thousands of Palestinians protested the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.
Hundreds of them approached the Gaza border to protest Trump's decision, which also involves the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Ismail Haniye, political leader of the Islamist movement Hamas, today called for the start of the third Intifada of the "liberation of Jerusalem," and warned in Gaza that Trump would "regret his decision" and called for a meeting between all the Palestinian parties to discuss the situation and agree on the political measures to follow in the face of events.
This announcement almost coincides with the 30th anniversary of the start of the first Intifada, that of "the stones", which emerged in the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza on December 9, 1987 and ended in 1993 with the Peace Accords. Oslo for peace. Since the second Intifada, that of Al Aksa, 17 years have passed.
Threat to embassies
Meanwhile, Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said today that the US Department of Defense It is "ready" to face any threat to US embassies and consulates that may arise as a result of President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
"The Department is prepared to face any threat to our embassies and consulates," White warned during a press conference held today at the Pentagon, after the US diplomatic headquarters were the target of harsh threats.
The president's announcement came at a particularly sensitive time for the Department of Defense, which could see its resources cut next Saturday if an agreement on the federal budget in Congress is not reached on Friday.
According to White, if this situation were to occur, the usual expenses of the Armed Forces could no longer be met, which would affect the salaries of the military, the benefits of their families and contracts with the private sector.
However, he explained, there are funds for operations in case there are lives at stake, so the Department of Defense could reinforce security measures if deemed necessary by the Department of State, with which it is "following up close "this matter.



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