The Super Sons series arrives at Urban Comics next spring

The French publisher has just announced the good news: the release of the title Super Sons in VF. This title tells the adventures of an atypical and promising duo: Jon Kent and Damian Wayne, both sons of super friends Superman and Batman.The Rebirth collection expands with a duo as powerful as dangerousTake the son of Superman and Lois Lane named Jon Kent, take the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul named Damian Wayne, combine them and make their lives all crazy adventures and you get the series Super Sons written by Peter Tomasi and illustrated by Jorge Jimenez. The first volume that will gather the numbers # 1-5 will be published on April 06, 2018. It will cost you 14,51 euros for these 128 pages of the collection DC Rebirth.And in spite of the friendship that are the two members of the League Justice Superman and Batman, their offspring, have more trouble getting along. The threat of Kid Amazo will however bind forever the two young heroes, Superboy and Robin, in a tandem intended to take back the reins of their parents in the fight against the crime!

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