The Declaration of the Great Wars Smashed!

Attack on Titan 100 shows the declaration of war that ends with an extraordinary scene. Like what? Here's the discussion!
Of course, the discussion on Attack on Titan 100 contains a large spoiler. Especially for those who just follow the anime version of it. So if you feel reading a leak can interfere with your enjoyment of watching, not to be forwarded to read.
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But, if you've read or do not care about spoilers, you can continue to listen to his review below!
1Willy Tybur already knows there will be an attack (but he ignores it)

Taybar. Tybur. Tybar. It seems that most of the confusion translators are actually what the name of the Warhammer Titan family is. But yes … let's just try to be consistent using the Tybur name for now.
At the opening of Attack on Titan 100, it was shown Captain Magath had warned Willy of possible attacks from Paradis residents who had successfully crossed the ocean. Magath even counts that there will be many dead, not just Willy.

Still, Willy insisted on running the plan as usual. Because he also realized that he did not involve himself directly, then his plan to rally allies for the invade Paradis Island will not be realized.

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The problem is, if you read the previous chapter, you must realize that Willy's self-belief is not matched by careful planning. Eren managed to confront Reiner, Pieck and Porco trapped, even Zeke was made stray. The Titan Marley fighters have been paralyzed.
2Reiner Recognizes Her Suffering

The previous flashback chapter basically shows one thing: the tragedy in Eren's life came about because of Reiner.
Annie and Bertolt had planned to return home after Marcel's death. But Reiner wants to be a hero, so he asks his friends go. Finally he and Bertolt broke into Wall Maria, then Eren's mother was drowned by Smiling Titan.
Already more mature, Reiner really realized how hard his sin was. He asks Eren to kill him on the spot.
Eren who used to be likely to do it. But Eren after this timeskip is really different. He already felt life between Marley. He knew that basically Reiner had a human nature, just like himself. When reminded that he had promised to kill Reiner with pain, Eren instead embarrassed.
But, does this in this way Eren Yeager decide to find a way of peace? Not really. Eren also perform an action that can be tragic risk to all the main characters of this manga.
What is Eren's action? Read Attack on Titan 100 on the second page!

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