The 5 Most Charming Mix Nine Trainees! There's your champion?

After some time ago talked about the most beautiful Mix Nine trainee, who is the most handsome Mix Nine male trainee?
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For those of you who do not know, Mix Nine is a talent show that is currently a TV program that is in love with Korean idol lovers.

What makes Mix Nine different from other events, because Mix Nine brought by YG Entertainment is an event that not only followed by talented trainees but also followed by trainees who have a visual okay! Want to know who is the most handsome Mix Nine trainee? Check this list yeah!
1Park Seungjun
source: mix ninePark Seungjun is an idol who debuts with K-pop KNK group. Inside the group, all the members have tall stature.

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Not only armed with an ideal body, Seungjun also has a handsome face. So it's only natural that the audience chooses him into one of the most handsome Mix Nine trainees.
2Song Han Gyeom
source: mixnineThe man born July 17, 1996 this has indeed seized the public's attention when doing Mix Nine audition. Not only talented, leader of the group Seven O 'Clock also has a very macho face. Although before joining Mix Nine Hangyeom already has loyal fans support it.
3Kim Sang Won
source: mixnineSangwoon is a group-mate with Hangyeom in Seven O 'Clock. Sangwon name had viral and became the talk because it was mentioned has a visual and sound color similar to the member BIGBANG, T.O.P. What do you think? Similar T.O.P or guns?
4Yoon Yongbin
source: mixnineYongbin is a trainee owned by the agency Banana Entertaiment. Previously Yongbin is also known to follow the event Produce 101 season 2. But not only because of the popularity of Yongbin exploded, just look at his handsome face. The women will surely melt made!
5Lee Rubin
source: MixNineLee Rubin received public attention when auditioning attended by YG and CL. Coming from Liveworks Company's agency, Rubin claims he has a handsome face like a prince.
True compared to trainees who came from the same agency, Rubin has a very selling visuals. But agree ga ga if he is a prince Mix Nine?
6Lee Byunggon
source: mixnineYG Entertaiment is known as a not-so-visual agency, but Byunggon is an exception. In addition to having a talent that is quite menganggumkan, Byunggon also has a visual that should be considered.

Who is the most handsome male trainee in Mix Nine who is your favorite?
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