Surprise! BloodPop Creating New Remix For Taylor Swift Song, Ready For It?

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – After spending 13 memorable weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, the song Ready For It? courtesy of Taylor Swift's get 'makeover'.
On Wednesday (December 6th), BloodPop gave a new twist on the second single on the Reputation album.
He changed the song to be quite dangerous.
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BloodPop is also known to produce Justin Bieber's Friends song last August.
Prior to that, he worked with such diverse artists as Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, HAIM, Fifth Harmony, and Madonna.

But this one remix makes it in the spotlight.
BloodPop adds a little 'herb' after the chorus.
Swift is very protective of the song, so remix must be done carefully.
Ryan Adams managed to cover 1989 as a whole.
Intrigued by the results?
Check it now!

(TribuneStyle / John Endra)

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