Selection of Christmas presents for your hair-obsessed buddies

Whether to disentangle, pamper, color, curl or smooth, it seems that I have an obsession for hair in general, mine and those of others.
I talk about ten times a day and I'm always fond of receiving accessories and products to play with and try experiments (sometimes risky, like the day I wanted to cut my bangs in college).
Beyond that I love to complain about my hair even if I try to take care of it and I panic as soon as hands other than mine approach.
I KNOW I'm not the only obsessed, so here's something to satisfy the small passions of your friends!
The Secret Curl, the fastest curling iron in the West!
It should obviously not be abused to avoid damaging too much hair.
But in terms of well designed loops, simple and quick to achieve, it's clearly the winner for me!
This is a very nice gift for those who dream of beautiful curls!

A beautiful Tangle Teezer brush
Tangle Teezers are the brushes that have revolutionized the painful knot disentangling sessions that thousands of children have had for many, many years.
On top of that, they are compact, practical, easy to carry and very beautiful.
I have two now, but I remember the first time I got one, I was so redone. If you want to know everything, I have almost a meter of hair, and no longer suffer by disentangling it was a revolution for me!

You can even find more fun in limited editions.

This brush is described as a compact brush for man, too bad, I too like Star Wars.

I imagine that it is for me at once, since it is pink and inspired by Disney (you feel the irony?).
A rubber cracker that does not fling hair
Who would have thought that tying the hair with an old phone cord would reduce the knots and forks?
Yet this is the story of these cute little elastics.
This festive cracker contains nine different metallized finishes (I have them at home, I love them too).

A Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Coloring Jar
These pots of semi-permanent coloring with full coverage are the favorite products of pastel and colorful hair fans.
Aficionados of sparkling and magical colors will be delighted to receive a Unicorn Hair jar to play with their hair more!
It's also a nice gift and an opportunity to get started for those who have never tried before.

Styling sprays with glitter, to have a siren hair
These two styling sprays with shades of aquamarine and amethyst would make the red of Arielle's hair turn pale.
For an even more magical effect (sirènééique?), They are accompanied by a small pot of glitter to sprinkle on his mane when one combs one's hair.
This is the kind of gift we are very happy to have received when New Year approaches!

A little pot of UpRoar clay ointment
The capillary obsession of a person is not measured by the length of his or her vow.
This wax with cedar wood and incense can delight full of obsessed hair, even short.
UpRoar allows the hair to hold the shape it gives them in a firm and light way at a time.
The little extra, its revitalizing formula does not dry the manes and does not leave small residues disgusting!

A stylized spray with sea salts from Murdock
I will give you 5 reasons to offer this nice spray to someone who complains of having flat hair:
It is good with soft and devitalized hair
It gives volume, texture and a matte finish
It gives a natural wavy effect
It can be worked on dry or wet hair
It gives the hair a sweet citrus scent

A hairdryer to carry everywhere
To love to blow dry and to be a traveling pigeon is not incompatible!
When you're on a weekend getaway, you're on a long journey, fighters and hackers who are obsessed with their hair need a hand-held hair dryer to keep their cut flawless.

A hairdryer and mini suitcase
If you still have more budget, you can offer this hair dryer and its luxury travel box!
Thus, there is no risk of breakage during displacements and this suitcase GHD is crisp.
The products of the brand (which I love but are quite expensive) have an excellent life and their design is rather chic in general.

And you, what a gift would please your hair?
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