Review the Inner Eye: A Parade Scare Jessica Mila

        Source: HITMAKER STUDIOSThe latest Indonesian horror film, the Inner Eye looks more presentable than the Indonesian horror usually, but still stuck in a penchant for always shocking the audience. Find out more in the following Inner Spirit review.
Hitmaker Studios production house again issued a horror movie this year. Previously, the production house driven by Rocky Soraya is commercially successful with The Doll (2016) and its sequel, starring Luna Maya, The Doll 2 (2017).
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Both The Doll 2 and the Inner Eye that became the 2017 release has many similarities, whether in terms of themes to how the characters are treated.
Both speak of established families, living in modern but haunted homes, filled with female superstitious protagonists, converting religious figures (ustaz) into paranormal, and so on.
Both are also thick with the influence of horror films James Wan, ranging from Insidious, The Conjuring, to Annabelle. His influence can be clearly seen from the family story to the background of the film. Here is a synopsis of the Inner Eye.

Alia (Jessica Mila) must return from Bangkok because her father and mother died in an accident. He came with his girlfriend, a photographer named Davin (Denny Sumargo), to meet his sister, Abel (Bianca Hello).
In short, they have to live in their childhood home. But according to Abel, there are invisible creatures who live in the house and they like to harm people. But Alia can not see and do not believe, because her inner eye has not been opened.
In order to believe in his sister's madness, he also asked for his inner eyes opened by a paranormal named Windu (Citra Prima). However, the decision was followed by a dangerous risk.
Theme Similarity
Source: HITMAKER STUDIOSHome is the place to go home. When you get inside, you feel the walls are limiting and protecting you from the outside world. It's the safest and most comfortable place in the world.
However, when the comfort zone is invaded by the creepy things, you will definitely be very disturbed. The haunted house theme is not a new theme anymore. It's been used a lot, and it's still popular to attract a lot of viewers. This Inner eye is also no exception.
According to Abel, their home is occupied by creatures who do not want the existence of their family. At the beginning of the film, Abel's feet are bleeding with wounds as scratched by a zombie-like creature. So, when he was invited back by Alia to go back there, he refused desperately. But Alia did not realize it.

Alia is very similar to the figure of Maira (Luna Maya) from the previous Hitmaker movie, The Doll 2. They consider the home is a safe place for families. However, when the place is invaded by superstitious beings, they are denial and have no strong faith to reject it. So he summoned a psychic.
With the new no-longer premise, the Inner Eye must find a way to make the movie memorable for the audience. Like The Doll 2, the Inner Eye is neatly arranged than any other Indonesian horror films that impressed the origin.
Source: STUDIOS HITMAKERThe movement of the camera is very active, using visual effects such as redeeming the door. At the beginning of the film, the image organizer Asep Kalila several times using the bird's eye viewpoint by using drones.
Although actually not too much effect for the film, Hitmaker Studios looks to show the Inner Eye made more intention than any other horror movie.
Supported by the creepy ghost make-up, the Inner Eye successfully pumps fear and suspense. There are two scenes that are still fresh from the memory of watching the Devil Devil film which is then used in the Inner Eye.
The scene is a ghostly figure that chases the protagonist under a white blanket. And it worked so one of the creepy moments of this movie.
Although initially promising, but the Inner Eye is too cool to scare the audience with jumpscare nonstop. Check out the next page.

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