Residents Near Mount Agung Forced to Harvest Early, BALI – People who own land in Disaster Prone Areas (KRB) I, II and III Gunung Agung, Bali have to harvest whatever they got earlier to keep them feeling the crop. On the other hand, most of their crops are also withered due to rain ashes a few days ago. Like Ni Made Sariasih, 44, a resident of Banjar Batusesa, Menanga Village, Rendang District, Karangasem, was forced to pick all the coconuts he had in his garden, although it was not yet time to harvest. "While there is time, I just pick it all up rather than later in the ash or hot clouds," he said as quoted from Bali Epress, Juma (8/12). Sariasih was assisted by two of his brothers and then returned to his house in the morning to pick coconuts from the ten trees he owned, and in the afternoon he returned to the refugee camp at the Hall of Banjar Desa Menanga Kawan. Furthermore, the coconut that he picked is sold to collectors. "Do not know what is bought with the normal price or cheaper, just surrender. Origin is not a total loss, "he continued. He added, if many of his brother's plants are also doused with volcanic ash that causes wilting plants, whereas many will be before the harvest. "Like my sister's chili plants, everything is wilted with ash, but a few weeks will harvest," said Sariasih. Early harvest is also done by Ketut Adi, who has a rice plant in Banjar Batusesa, Menanga Village, Rendang District. He was forced to harvest early after the eruption of Mount Agung a few days ago, because the crop of rice washed down with volcanic ash. "Usually once my harvest can be 20 tons of rice, now it's only 10 tons because many are wilted with ash," he explained. Not only that, the decline of crops that he could also caused due to poor rice care because he and his family had to flee after the status of Mount Agung rose to Awas in September 2017 ago sebelu erupsi. "Because of the evacuation time it becomes less fertilization, and treatment is not routine," he continued. Therefore he also chose to harvest it early about two weeks in order to keep enjoying the harvest even though the losers. (bx / ras / yes / jpr)

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