PRODUCE48, Cooperation Event Reality Show K-Pop PRODUCE 101 And AKB48

After success in South Korea, now the most popular event among K-Pop lovers named PRODUCE101 will be present in AKB48 version and named PRODUCE48.
After AKB48 appeared on the show worshiped by K-Pop lovers Mnet Asian Music Awards or abbreviated to MAMA on November 29, 2017 yesterday at Yokohama Arena, Japan, AKB48 and producer Yasushi Akimoto announced that they will be working with K-Pop reality show most popularly named PRODUCE101 and made an AKB48 reality show named "PRODUCE48".

The announcement of the event was delivered when AKB48 appeared on MAMA show where they performed "Pick Me", "Heavy Rotation", and "Koisuru Fortune Cookies" which was a popular song of his time.

At the event the producer Yasushi Akimoto was also awarded Inspired Achievement thanks to his success of bringing idol groups such as AKB48 and Nogizaka46 into a group with fantastic sales in Japan.
PRODUCE48 itself plans to take the same theme as PRODUCE101 where it is the biggest K-Pop idol "survival show" event in South Korea. 101 idol will wade through various training in various places from people who are already professional in their field.

The audience will "produce" a group by selecting 11 members who deserve to join the group. After the group is selected they will debut with the new group with names and concepts that can be selected by the audience. The audience selection group will perform its activities for a year before returning to the group and their respective management.

Dropout from PRODUCE101 alone is girlband I.O.I. who emerged from the first season as well as boyband Wanna One who emerged from his second season and will perform activities under the name Wanna One until December 31, 2018 under YMC Entertainment and CJ E & M.
Actually, AKB48 itself already has a concept that is almost similar to PRODUCE101. AKB48 has an election named senbatsu where fans of this group can decide who will perform and become the center of the group on the next single.
PRODUCE48 would like to combine the concept of PRODUCE101 and AKB48's selection style. This program can also be a cooperation between South Korea and Japan in the field of entertainment in 2018.
I.O.I. group dropout from Produce101Given the remarkable popularity of K-Pop groups in the international music scene especially in the United States, it seems that idols from 48 Families want to also feel the international stage.
Is the dream of Yasushi Akimoto and his idol group built up to make that happen through PRODUCE48? Let's see it together. But first look at AKB48 action with another K-Pop group bringing their popular song song on the video below.

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