Peeping on the Flirty Syahrini Habit of Money!

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Peeping on the Flirty Syahrini Habit of Money! – Life Syahrini is all glamorous, no wonder if many are kepo with side job. Because a row of luxury items he always wore in various events.
If you look at the lifestyle of women who often called Incess it would be stunned. Because the goods used from head to toe show luxury.

But the most steal the attention is a luxury bag from Incess. The reason is always used luxury bag has a nominal extra until some of them are considered rare.

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But what is more curious again is the contents in the luxury bag, is it just a mobile phone and makeup only? Or are there other items that must remain in the bag?
Netizens are curious about the content inside Syahrini's bag, well what. Because of the many questions that finally Incess want to open the contents of the bag that he always brought, it is published through his Youtube channel.
Copyright © Youtube Apparently the contents in the bag is still the same as other celebrities that are working on the makeup tool. Starting from lipstick, perfume, powder and a number of other important items seen removed from the bag.
Goods that can not be left behind is the credit and cash money that must have a nominal not small. "This one is my credit card. There are ten. And like to give money tuh segini (written nominal Rp 10 million), "said Syahrini.
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Money with a nominal is not a bit that apparently is always there in the bag to be distributed to its employees. Incess gives money to employees who work more or overtime.
Incess confess if the cash in the bag must exist because it is always filled by Rany, the younger brother and also doubles as manager. But not only rupiah currency is also often stored in the bag when he travel abroad.
"Later for the driver if staying up, how much. The front security guard of your house. Gitulah me, flush with money. Cameraman if overtime too, I love him. (Bags of money) are all locked tight, "said Syahrini.

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