Pacari Taeyang Big Bang, Min Hyo Rin Always Careful Talk About Her Relationship

Taeyang Big Bang and Min Hyo Rin became one of the most popular celebrity couples in South Korea. The relationship of both were not separated from the issues tilted, such as rumors that break up some time ago had sounded. Responding to this, Min Hyo Rin claimed to have known about the issue and confirmed that his relationship with Taeyang is fine.
"I also heard about the rumor. We never broke up. I guess it's just the lyrics of the song (Taeyang), "said Min Hyo Rin.
Taeyang is known to often create a song with Min Hyo Rin as a source of inspiration. But who would have thought, Min Hyo Rin own actually claimed never to know it before.
"I do not know. I was shocked when he said (the song) was about me, but I'm also happy, "he said.
When mentioned further about his relationship with Taeyang, Min Hyo Rin then said that in fact he did not want to be too open to the public about his love life. Considering she is dating a famous idol, this beautiful actress chooses to be careful not to cause anything controversial and can harm others.
"If my boyfriend is not a celebrity or even an actor, I think I can talk a lot about my romance. But since he (Taeyang) is the idol that together the other members, I think I should be careful with everything, "said Min Hyo Rin.

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