our gift ideas for aspiring coders

The code, the code, the code … No, we are not talking about the preliminary examination for obtaining a driving license, but of programming and if that does not speak to you no "it is necessary to fall in very small to be in the best dispositions. Perhaps you already have a budding coder at home? A little genius of mathematics who dream of only one thing: build a small robot to put his room in his place … Here are some ideas to maintain the flame of 7 … to 77 years because you will see that the youngest will not be the only to use these gifts.Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit (85 €) Combine his passion for building games, for robots and for programming with one and the same article, this is the challenge raised by hand Makeblock with his robot kit. Based on Arduino card, it allows a smooth initiation of programming codes. In total, there are dozens of different modules that need to be apprehended in order to design your own robot: engines of course, but also distribution pulley, axles, Bluetooth, shaft collar, flange bearing … The assembly and appearance programming are complete, without ever being complex, but this kit is still intended for children over 8 years.Learning Resources Code & Go: robot mouse (60 €) The development of programming for the youngest the arrival on the market of quantities of games / toys with very unequal quality and sometimes mind-blowing prices. While it may not be the best product currently available, the Code & Go Robot Mouse has the merit of being an excellent introduction: it engages children's interest in science, technology, programming and mathematics without ruining the parents. SAM Labs Science Museum Inventor Kit (120 €) Attention, material not to put in all hands. As well as being clear, SAM Labs kits can achieve quite incredible things, but the instructions delivered with the products are minimalistic to say the least. The idea of ​​the creators is to let the users discover, experiment, invent with these electronic blocks whose objective is to design circuits allowing all the fantasies: the blocks connect easily to each other and a very simple software interface of access allows to write small programs that we finally perform to admire the wonders imagined.BBC micro: bit (20 €) First created for a purely educational purpose, the micro-computer BBC micro: bit is now available for the general public, but it retains a somewhat austere side and is already intended for a slightly larger audience. The idea here is to allow as many people as possible to get into electronics and programming by producing relatively simple printed circuits and attaching them to various programs. The small size of the microphone: bit, however, does not prevent it from integrating a relatively powerful 32-bit ARM processor … well enough in any case to indulge in quite amazing experiments.Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit (50 €) The Raspberry Pi 3 takes up the philosophy of the BBC micro: bit, but redirects it to computer science and programming, leaving aside the purely electronic aspect. A Raspberry is a real little motherboard with all the latest refinements. Thus, USB ports, HDMI, RJ45 and other Bluetooth connectivity or Wi-Fi are at the rendezvous. The idea is then to lead to more complex projects, more evolved than with the BBC micro: bit, but also requiring more knowledge. A sort of step up.Box Island (8 €) Taking the form of a simple application that can be installed on any Android or iOS device, Box Island is part of a much broader movement that aims to democratize programming by simplifying learning. In fact, Box Island is a very nice gift – inexpensive and more – to young children. In a very fun way, they will be able to master basic commands to control the movement of a small creature through levels very simple at first, then more complex.Available on iOS and AndroidCode Karts pre-coding in kindergarten (free) In the vein of Box Island, Code Karts is aimed at an audience perhaps still a little younger and aims mainly at children from the age of 4 years. The goal here is to advance a race car through the 70 circuits offered. Different symbols allow to act on said racing car and again, things are extremely playful so that the programming never appears as a complex language, difficult to grasp. Binary mouse pad (14 €) Let's end this small selection with a gift idea in the shape of a wink … to remind the coder or the coder of the house how his famous "binary" escapes us completely. Beyond the little joke, the mouse pad is perfectly functional and of good quality.

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