Not Power Attorney, Nagita Slavina So Glass Really!

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Not Power Attorney, Nagita Slavina So Glass Glass! – Big Dipper between actress Nagita Slavina with actor and presenter Raffi Ahamd is not smooth. Many various gossip and also the slanted news that always accompany their household which began to be established on October 17, 2014 ago.
One of the issues that often struck their household was the issue of an affair committed by Raffi Ahmad with a dangdut singer, Ayu Ting Ting. Even the issues that have started there since 2016 and this is still often discussed in netter.

Not a few who wondered his charm. Even many citizens who believe with the issue. Whether or not the issue is true is still unknown given that both have not provided clarification.

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Both Raffi and Ayu Ting Ting also seemed to let the public drift in the speculation they accuse the allegations. Because gossip is not known kebenaranya, public even just blame Ayu Ting Ting and always blaspheme.
Copyright © Instagram And conversely, the citizens feel sorry for Nagita Slavina. As recently, teeth were unable to hold back tears when the household was dreamed by the paranormal. This is also namoaj in the post of instagram gossip account @ lambe_nyinyir.
When filling the event Pesbukers, households Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina in terawang by an astrologer. When asked how in his feelings to his husband, Gigi said if his feelings on raffi can not be expressed with words and immeasurable.
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Even the mother of one child tears up when her household is dreamed. The soothsayer also asked Raffi Ahmad to keep Nagita Slavina. And the normal oun also revealed that there will be a new baby born in their household.
Meanwhile, netter who saw the household Gigi and Raffi who was in the ramal was menimbulkaj berbagao comments. "Mski cm artificial scenario d more tp mmg appropriate knytaan prosperous raffi kl sm teeth" Said netter.
"Make the pelakor do not want to have a successful husband because it can be aja husband after you seize him se hoki moment with his wife first." Connect the other.
"But insha Allah is true what is this mas up to the figure of the teeth good drifat at his character .." Said netter.

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