Nahas, 5 This Magician Died When Doing Magic Attractions in Front of Thousands of People!

Behind the amazing action that magicians make on the stage, there is always a big risk to losing their lives. Like a row of magicians who died while doing the following action.
The name of the magician Demian Aditya back into a warm conversation. However, not because of his achievements on the international stage, but the action of a magic that leads to catastrophe. Attractions called The Death Drop Live is causing a stuntman named Edison had a fatal accident due to a technical error.

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The man's lungs were subjected to a hot iron, and immediately got the stitches. Unfortunately, due to injuries that are too severe, Edison's left lung should be cut. According to the information obtained, it aims to let the organ keep working without having to wait for some parts to recover.
Demian's magic act is certainly not the first case where the magic attraction ends in a catastrophe. Even some of the world's magicians, must be killed while running the action in the middle of thousands of spectators.
Here's a row of magicians who died while doing the atraksinya.
1Amazing Joe

Joseph W. Burrus or the owner of the Amazing Joe stage name is one of hundreds of magicians who are wondering about Harry Houdini. To show his admiration for the legend, Burrus performs a magic attraction that Houdini once did, which is buried alive in a plastic coffin.
A year earlier, Burrus had a similar and successful attraction. But back then, he was just buried using the ground.

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In 1990, he added cement in his latest action. Unfortunately, Burrus did not take into account the weight gain. The plastic coffin was soon destroyed shortly after being buried.
The rescue team immediately dug the grave, but unfortunately Burrus's life was not helped.
2Gilbert Genesta

The magician who died while doing the next attraction is Gibert Genesta. Just like Amazing Joe, Genesta is also a great admirer of Harry Houdini. Upon this, he tried to duplicate Houdini's action of confining himself in a barrel of water or milk.
Action carried out in 1930 this led to catastrophe. The maids and spectators who were around the stage felt there was something strange with the Genesta action. They immediately help the Genesta and remove it from the barrel.
Genesta was rushed to the hospital. But his life was not saved. This also became the first failure of Genesta during his 10-year career in the magic world.
3Washington Irving Bishop

Washington Irving Bishop is a mentalist who is famous for his action in reading one's mind. Although the action is far from harmful, Irvin is a cataleptic disorder that leads him to a catatonic state, which is a rigid motor state.
On May 12, 1889, the fate of Nahas fell on Irvin. While running his attractions on the Lambs Club stage in New York, he was hit by a cataleptic attack. He was immediately taken off the stage, but was declared dead.
Doctors John A Irwin, Frank Ferguson, and Irwin H. Hance, then perform an autopsy and declare if Washington Irvin Bishop died of hysterocata.
Who else is a magician who has a fateful fate while performing? Check out the next page!

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