Moa Pregnant, Lee Jeong Hoon Confirms Not Kebo's Gathering Results

Moa Aeim is currently pregnant. Of course it stirred the public because his marriage was just held on Saturday, December 2, 2017 yesterday. Responding to an unpleasant rumor about his wife, Lee Jeong Hoon tries to clarify. Lee Jeong Hoon insists that he and Moa never gathered kebo.
In his explanation, Lee Jeong Hoon looks long-winded by mentioning that everyone does not know the truth about his marriage to Moa. According to him, who knows when he and Moa married that only they and God knows. Not necessarily the few new marriages going on it was their first marriage. It could have been both already married but not leaked to the public. But Lee Jeong Hoon did not deliver it all firmly.

"Want to say kebo gathering or what we gini we just one word. We celebrate December 2 is not necessarily that day, we are married already so. Not necessarily we celebrate the party's event when we can afford when we have time. Know where it was previously married or not, "asked Lee Jeong Hoon, quoted detikHot (6/12).
"Everything netizen or even Irwan tuh so berate as we are never married but kebo gathering. We are married or not married but we know who knows God. When we go to Korea we can get married also when in Indonesia civil registration has been settled as well, "he continued while calling the former husband Moa, Irwan Chandra.
Lee then underlined if he and Moa never violated the law in Indonesia.
"So this is basically want to say kebo or kebo gathering kebo essentially in my opinion, not a gathering kebo or stay the same Moa is not violating anything because we are married status of our new wife live," he concluded.

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