Maia Estianty Open The Apocalypse of the New Beloved!

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Maia Estianty Open The Apocalypse of the New Beloved's Problem! – Maia Estianty was reportedly close to a wealthy businessman named Irwan Mussry. But why exactly there are allegations have a new lover yes, who the hell is that guy?
The proximity of Maia and Irwan does attract public attention to be discussed by netizens. Because they are both become rich businessmen, so no wonder their relationship is discussed.

Even Maia also called had a vacation to Europe like some photos that have been uploaded to social media. Although no direct photographs together but netizens realize if they are in the same location.

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Neither Maia Estianty nor Irwan Mussry themselves have ever opened a voice regarding their story relation. Because that's what always makes netizens wonder about the continuation of relationships.
However, there is a video that shows the conversation Maia, Meychand an Vidi Aldiano. Impressions uploaded to the Youtube site that actually discuss about the new album but instead peppered with a conversation about the love story.
Copyright © Ist In the show Vidi seemed to read a number of questions asked by social media users. In the first question discusses a major project that will be worked on by Maia in the near future, especially about albums and singles.
But the mother of three children seems to be failing to focus and suspect if the question is about relationship status. "The answer is, I've no longer single," explained Maia Estianty to netizen.
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