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The name of director Taika Waititi certainly began a lot of discussion towards the end of 2017. Of course, with the genius and the humorous story he has had brought Thor: Ragnarok became a successful film in Box Office by providing a different element of humor than the two previous 'God of Thunder' movies. With the success achieved by Taika Waititi, it was responded by Lucasfilm's president Kathleen Kennedy who said that she hopes Taika Waititi to be a director of Star Wars movie.
In an interview with Newshub, Kathleen Kennedy said that she is "very loving" Taika Waititi to direct the Star Wars movie at once in collaboration with Lucasfilm. Kathleen also wants this news to spread and to Taika Waititi to find out. Here's what Kathleen Kennedy says:

"I want him (Taika Waititi) to direct the Star Wars movie. I think he has the right sensitivity and it's great to see him enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have done a wonderful job for the Thor movie. "

From Kathleen Kennedy's statement it's clear that Lucasfilm is looking forward to working with Taika Waititi for the upcoming Star Wars movie. But in October 2017 yesterday, Taika Waititi said that he was still interested to work with Marvel Studios again and Taika Waititi not to mention the Star Wars movie so far. With the interest of Lucasfilm to Taika Waititi, what might Lucasfilm want to make a Star Wars franchise interspersed with humor stories in it? considering so far the Star Wars franchise is dominated by a serious storyline.
Currently Taika Waititi has just planned to make a movie Black Widow with the same element with Thor: Ragnarok. But the film Black Widow will undergo a long process, at least until the duo of director Russo Brothers concluded Avengers 3 and Avengers 4. Instead, Taika Waititi is preparing to become a Japanese film adaptation director Akira to be released in theaters. If the film does not work, it is likely that Taika Waititi considers the opportunity to work with Lucasfilm.
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