Kangen Sang Suami, Nesyana Ayu Nabila Tell Your First Photo Experience with Ben Kasyafani

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – After getting married on July 30, 2016, the couple Ben Kasyafani and Nesyana Ayu Nabila are often said to be similar to each other.
Every post Ines, Nesyana Ayu Nabila greetings with her husband, must have many comments about their faces.
What's more there is a saying that, if the soul mate has a similar face.
If the following photos are not uploaded in Instagstory Ines, maybe a similar comment will overwhelm the post.
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Yesterday (06/012/2017) this Sienna mama uploaded her old photo with Ben.
The photo is the result of photobox in shades of black and white.
There were three photographs of Ines and Ben printed vertically.
Ines and Ben themselves seem to sit side by side while showing some poses.
To the left of the photo is the inscription "Cie w kangen @benkasyafani"

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