Job offers

In Montpellier, a post of pizzaiolo-cook proposed in CDI. You will work on lunch services, 24 hours a week. You will prepare pizzas, salads, burgers and grilled meats. One year of experience required. Hourly wage between 9 euros 76 and 10 euros.
Job center offer 064GNZN.

In Nîmes, we look for a versatile secretary or a versatile secretary on fixed term for 12 months. You will provide telephone and physical greeting, writing letters, meeting reports, mailings, statistics, scheduling, basic bookkeeping. 30 hours of work per week. 10 years of experience needed. Monthly salary, 1,269 euros over 13 months and a half.
Job center offer 064GPHQ.

In Perpignan, a post of editor in heavy-weight tire proposed in CDI. For diagnosis, assembly, balancing, repairs, among others. Beginners are accepted. Working time per week, 35 hours. Monthly salary between 1,700 and 2,100 euros.
Job center offer 064GPZF.

In Béziers, we are looking for a negotiator or a real estate leasing negotiator. You will be in charge of the rental portfolios, the management of the mandates, the organization of the visits, the advice to the customers, in particular. 3 years of experience required. 35 hours of work per week. Salary 1.500 euros fixed plus commissions.
Job center offer 064FTVJ.

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