Interview of Shun Fujiyoshi, around the game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, December 07, 2017

Hello Mr. Fujiyoshi, can you introduce yourself and present us your work? Shun Fujiyoshi: I am one of the "historical" actors of KLab, having been one of the first employees of the company. I supervise the production of many of our games.
In fact, the company, founded in 2000, did not start its activities in the video game. However, from the beginning we were focused on the development of technologies and sites for mobile internet.
We started the game about ten years ago, first with a mobile browser-game focused on the world of kabakura, these Japanese hostess bars, Koisuru Cabajo. Subsequently, we made several other games, including a collection game and kawaii robot fights, before releasing in 2011 our first game based on Captain Tsubasa, Captain Tsubasa: Tsukuro Dream Team (hereinafter "Tsukuro Dream Team" ) which has been a huge success in Japan. It was also playable on PC and an iOS and Android application was released later. The game is still in operation today! Since we started our video game creation activities, I have held the position of executive producer on many titles, including Tsukuro Dream Team. So after all these years, I am a little considered as the "Captain Tsubasa Specialist" within the company (laughs) … Our newest game, Captain Tsubasa: Tatakae Dream Team (title of the game in Japan) comes from go out in Japan * but we have already exceeded 2 million downloads and we are proud to have great ratings on the App Store and Google Play. (* interview conducted in July) What other new games are planned for the international Shun Fujiyoshi: This summer we will go out in Japan Utano ☆ Princesama: Shining Live. It's a game based on a popular Japanese multimedia license from the Broccoli company centered around male idol-bands. We will release a global version of this game and it will be the first time that a game of this license will be located and distributed outside of Japan. We will soon release two new international games for audiences with different but passionate profiles. Utano ☆ Princesama, is an otome game (for a mostly female audience). This genre does not have a lot of localized content distributed outside of Japan but we think that there is a real demand for this type of games abroad and we hope that the game will please the fans. Captain Tsubasa still works in Japan, there was even a new series quite recently, no? Shun Fujiyoshi: Yes, a new manga series, called Rising Sun, is underway. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team will offer content from these mangas as well! The story of the game starts during the tournament where the second match against Toho is played, when the characters are still college students. The story will then progress to the suites. The game starts with a cinematic "previously", which tells the story of the beginning of the story. The game also offers the original Japanese voices as far as possible.What is the gameplay? Shun Fujiyoshi: The game consists of three modes: Scenarios, League, and Match Online.The scenarios allow to relive the different moments of the manga. Finishing an arc unlocks the next, and so on. The story is represented by a succession of scenes, with lyrics doubled by the original voices from time to time. The staging has a very "interactive manga" side with these boxes and many sound effects and graphics. The story mode then alternates between these phases of dialogue, and key games of the saga, during which the player takes control. Initially, the matches are only in solo, but you can share the matches with the members of your confederation (guild) to pool the rewards! The phases of matches will allow to play in attack or defense, the game will freeze regularly to allow you to change your movements. For example, in attack, you will be given the choice of trying to dribble or pass. Characteristics and characters will play a role in the different movements. The players are animated in 3D and the match phases are very spectacular (the famous special techniques of the different characters are of course on the game).
You can choose at any time to play in manual or semi-automatic or automatic mode. These variations were made to suit the style of play and the situation of different players. In automatic, the AI ​​makes all the choices for the players, with the risks that it implies, but it makes it possible to do something else at the same time. In semi-auto, you just make the command decisions (in attack and defense) and the AI ​​does everything else for you (moves, single passes …). In manual it will be the player to travel and all others Once the movement choice is made, animated scenes are triggered between the two opponents. These scenes and their dialogues (with the original Japanese voices) are different depending on the players involved and their "liabilities" and relationship in history! In League, the system is a bit the same on Clash of Clans, it's that is, the player faces another player who is not connected. It is not the opponent who manages the controls but an Artificial Intelligence. The third mode is the Player VS Player, the Match Online mode. This time, we play against an opponent in real time, so he is the master of his choice, live. It's always more interesting to face an opponent who receives the same information as us, players. In this mode, there are also possibilities to communicate with the opponent by sending stickers displaying texts or icons. Outside the standings, you will also have the opportunity to make friendly matches with the players of your choice. The result of the match will not affect the ranking of the "competitive PvP" of the two participants. To return to the Scenarios, there are not many chapters yet but we will add regularly in the future.
What is the economic model of the game? It is a free-to-play, with possibility of purchase of certain items in the game.
The game will be fully translated into French for its release home? Yes. We can not give a specific release date, but the game will be translated, we know that France is a big market and some play the original version of the game, including Youtubers who give translations of menus to help new ones to get started. We will do everything to offer them a French version as soon as possible! Thanks to Shun Fujiyoshi for the interview, and to Matthieu Youna for the translation.

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