How to dress this Christmas with what you have in the closet (S, it is possible)

Updated 07/12/2017 08:56
 You want to get all the Christmas commitments already but this year you have proposed something: Do not invest in one more festive garment and try to recycle everything you already have in your closet. Although it seems impossible to you, it is simple. You just have to find the right inspiration …

A black pants, a blazer of the same color and a white shirt. It's all you need to get the perfect party look, in a season in which the masculine touch is imposed. No doubt, one of the simplest and most effective styles that anyone can have in the closet.
How to earn even more points? If you bet on a shirt with lacing or, failing that, you put a black tie on the collar of the shirt. The tuxedo effect is total.

Believe it or not, that little black dress you have in the closet still works. Let them ask if it is not Alexa Chung, one of the girls considered coolest and who has a good collection of them in her closet.
What model to choose? In this case, the one that feels best to you: word of honor, with sleeve to the elbow, at the waist or with skirt with volmen. You decide. But do not be afraid to take it (once again). Perhaps it was not Coco Chanel who said that you saw the woman in black and always be the most elegant of the evening? Well, that.

Sure you have some ace model in the closet. That skirt that you have taken to a wedding or a cocktail and that has made you feel special. The good news is that it works by itself, you do not need to bring it together with what you bought.
In this case, Sarah Jessica Parker inspires us. The protagonist, in honor of her character in Sex in New York, has chosen this winter a model in tulle. If you do not have something in your closet, go for a skirt with a lot of volume or a pleated midi model. A sober shirt to be your best ally. Put power in the add-ons.

It's a trick that works for Olivia Palermo. If this summer you succumbed to the power of a special shirt it's time to rescue her from the closet. With ruffles, back bare or with different patterns, that's the least. The New Yorker puts it with a simple black trousers so that it catches all eyes. And the result works.

They will be velvet Christmas. In the form of dresses, blazers or skirts, few can escape this material. Surely you do not have something already in your closet? Maybe a good idea is to resort to your mother who may keep a seventies treasure that you do not even remember. With a piece of velvet in your look you do not need anything else ….

And, finally, the simplest solution but not the least special one. Because if the velvet is the main fabric, the earrings will be the star accessory. Take out your most special jewel from the jeweler and turn it into the star of your Christmas. The rest of the look can be formed based on basic and sober garments.

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