Honorary K2 State Subsidy Claims Trillion Rupiah

jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Hundreds of thousands of honorary category two (K2) claimed to have subsidized the state. The amount was not small but trilinan rupiah. "It must be a lot of questions why it can be yes, because the service period of K2 minimal 14 years with a salary of Rp 250 thousand to Rp 300 thousand," said Eko Mardiono, chairman of Forum Honorer K2 Indonesia (FHK2I) East Java in public hearings (RDPU) Baleg DPR RI in Senayan, Thursday (6/12). With a salary of Rp 300 thousand, honorary K2 works like civil servants. Whereas the difference in salary between honorary and civil servants as the earth of the sky. From the difference, according to Eko, became a subsidy to the state. "Let's put it this way – we have donated our country, our manpower is paid cheap but his duty is equivalent to salaried civil servant above Rp 5 million.Is it wrong if honor K2 ask government appreciate our services," he added. One of their requests is the government's civil servant K2 who has entered the data base and get a letter of absolute responsibility statement (SPTJM) from the respective regional head. (esy / jpnn)

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