Here's a Sign How You Came Humans Alay in Social Media

        Mahdaen.TV News – Now social media has become the second world. Everyone has an account and freedom to vote. However, unfortunately not everyone has the sensitivity to have ethics in cyberspace. Often they are still alay and not have the ability to filter what to post and not.
Often do not feel embarrassed with people who still alay in using social media? Try to check the 8 marks first! Do you still do it unnoticed.
1. Dating in sosmed, whether it is an update photo that is too intimate or dating in the comment field. Iyuh!

Dating on social media is a big no! Whether it's post photos that are too intimate or dating in the comments field. You should be able to distinguish which one can consume publicly and which should be kept alone. Instead of communicating with a girlfriend via medsos like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you'd better just chat with Whatsapp or Line. Not just your relationship that remains private, your friends will also be grateful because you do not indulgence intimacy.
2. Post every time, a day can be 5-10 photos.

Frequent posting also makes other people disgusted. For example nih, you usually post 5-10 photos every day, ranging from early risers, photos trip to the office, photo lunches, and other photos. Or post a status whose contents are just a complaint and the story is not clear. Indeed this is your account, but never imagine what your boss or colleagues say about your habit this? Your imagination may be damaged by your unethical social media social behavior.
3. Wrote with EYD is not right and worse again big small letters.
Notice how you write in social media. Starting from the use of letters, punctuation, and spaces. The writing of this sentence reflects how educated you are. I do not write with a mixture of small letters that damage the eyes. Precisely others will think of you as a heavyweight alay.
4. Frequently update the status of the contents curhatan.

This is also one of the things to avoid. Sort out what things people do not need to know. No need to fill your timeline with curhatan. In addition to indulgence in itself, other people also so not comfortable or just make you gossip material. If you want to write mending just write in a diary book that only read by you.

5. Or show off given this is the same girlfriend.

In addition to showing off intimacy with girlfriends, show off the gift is also a form of taboo if not want to be stamped alay. Instead of being branded romantic, posting the gift items with intimate words is one form of attitude that makes other people disgusted if done too often.
6. Use alay name.

Not using real names and using a pseudonym is also a form of alay attitudes. For example ni "Surya who tried faithful", "Ayu who just love him", and many others, amused not read? Check first your sosmed account name, lest it still is.
Edit excessive photos or use multiple collage shapes.

Edit clear photos is fine. But note also the filter you use. Do not use excessive filters and photo collages that are not good to the eye.
8. Comment with rude language and offensive SARA.

This is one sign of the real alay. They only use social media for the means to comment with harsh words and offensive about SARA. Besides being not praiseworthy, this one attitude also illustrates that you are cowardly and not yet ready with today's technological advances.
Honestly, how many marks do you still have?

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