Henshin! Carrot Becoming Extraordinary Strong?!

Curious what happens if the Mink tribe if the full moon? One Piece 888 gives you the answer!
Previously, of course the discussion of One Piece 888 contains spoiler. If you have not read and anti-leak, be advised to be careful before continuing.
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1Ideo Official So Pirate

Do you realize that the Ideo fleet is not a pirate? Yes, he belongs to Leo, who enters the Great Hats of Straw Hats but does not work with his main captain. Ideo, Gilly, Abdullah, and Jeet are allies of martial arts experts.

Officially licensed by Bandai Namco, Treasure Cruise is the official One Piece game for mobile!

The conflict between the Long Sleeves and Long Legs that Ideo went through seemed to make him decide to think of himself. He eventually formed his own pirate group, supported by Blue Gilly, Jeet, and Abdullah.
It seems, the cover story of Ideo was already finished in One Piece 888 this. If so, then we should look at the adventures of the fifth division head of the Great Straw Hat Fleet, Leo.

For the curious, three unspecified captains are now Leo of the fifth division, Hajrudin of the sixth division, and Orlombus of the seventh division.
2Katakuri Impressed with Luffy

Luffy is determined to defeat the Katakuri at the peak of his strength. Luffy realizes this is the way he can become stronger; things he must do if he wants to get to Raftel and grab the One Piece.
Therefore, in One Piece 888, Luffy has returned to the Mirror World and encountered Katakuri, ready to duel again.
Katakuri seems impressed with Luffy's decision. He even asks, though in a patronizing tone, whether Luffy wants to beg for a join with the Big Mom group. Of course Luffy dismissed the question and decided to attack the Katakuri.

Currently unfortunately Luffy looks have not found a way to prove his words. The attack can still be avoided easily by Katakuri. He also does not seem to carry donuts and sweet foods that potentially distract the Katakuri.
But maybe Luffy also did not want to use distraksi in defeating Big Mom's strongest child.
Previously, Luffy was thinking of looking for ways to see the future with Kenbunshoku Haki. Apparently that's what he wants to achieve in his duel with Katakuri this time.
Will he reach it? Unfortunately, the answer has not been presented in One Piece 888. This chapter goes on to highlight the event that is not less important: after a casual cruise, the Thousand Sunny is now cornered! The kingdom of Germa and Nostra Castello were nowhere to be seen. Then how did they get away?
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