Good deals Thursday

Our daily summary of the best high-tech offers, edition of Thursday, December 7th.The best offersFor the Sony MDR-1A on the ears, we can say that with a frequency response of 3 Hz at 100 KHz its main asset is an exact reproduction of the bass. Promised for its lightness and comfort, the helmet is also a little cloud on the head, but not only. The helmet is compatible with the new standard "Hi-Res" that tries to impose itself; this one is supposed to offer better sound reproduction thanks to the upsampling. The Kindle Paperwhite version 2015 measures 169 mm by 117 mm, for a thickness of 9.1 mm and displays 205 grams on the scale for the WiFi version. It is especially at the display level that the new Paperwhite stands out with a resolution of 300pp (against 150 dpi for the previous version). The screen now has a new backlight system that adapts to the ambient light and promises to not tire the drive in the dark. The slab also has an anti-reflective treatment. Do you practice several sports (even triathlon) and look for a GPS bracelet that can follow you during your sports performance in a precise and continuous way? The Polar V800 + H10 heartbeat wristwatch set is enough to grab your attention, and its sacrificed price is not the only reason. Equipped with Windows S, the new Microsoft operating system specifically designed for this new series laptops, the Laptop Surface targets a high-end sector with its increased performance and bet of improved security. The most accessible model that starts at 1,149 euros has 350 € discount today. In its platinum gray chassis, there is a 13.5-inch touch screen capable of holding 14:30 video playback. Side components include an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. High-TechTelephony and Internet

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