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As we know Geeks, 20th Century Fox is currently in negotiations with several parties to sell its assets. Like Disney, Sony Pictures and Comcast, who are competing for Fox's rights.
Now, Fox is more interested in the Disney offer. Launched from Blomberg Disney is considered as the right destination for some 20th Century Fox assets, not Comcast or other potential buyers. Even Fox first 'stretched out his hand' by offering all film assets and TV divisions for Disney, including Fox News and Fox Sport.

On the other hand, this deal will also affect Fox CEO James Murdoch to join the ranks of Disney officials. If everything goes according to plan, the deal will be done later this year. Of course there will be a lot of parties who are happy when the deal happens. Including Marvel lovers who hope X-Men can join the Avengers at MCU.
So, let's wait for a definite decision later this year, who is the studio who owns 20th Century Fox assets? Wait for the next update at Geeks!


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