Female personal defense: Female personal defense: how to attack

We discover what are the weak points and learn to identify them.

Updated 04/12/2017 15:22
 Defending yourself against an aggressor does not depend on the physical strength you have, as our expert and defense person has explained to us before, everything is related to the technique. So that we feel every day safer we will discover the weak points that will help us to free ourselves from an undesired attack.

It is the last lesson of feminine personal defense (for now) and in this class Fernando Melgar, Zagros Sports Puerta de Europa, identifies some of the 80 weak points that we can use to get away from a possible attack.
If you see that you can not let go of a grip, or immobilize your aggressor, or avoid an attack when they grab you in the back … you need to internalize this new master class on female personal defense!
There are key points, like the one in the photo, that will make the pain stop your attacker. Fernando explains, among other things, the correct way to kick in the shin or how a smack manages to paralyze our attacker. Simple and quick gestures that help you to separate and then flee. Ms and less painful all of them will help us to stop the aggression. And, as we always insist, you do not need to be strong, you need to know and act.
 Female personal defense technique: how it is hit
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