Criticized Elite PDIP, Gatot Explains Reasons Behind Mutations 85 Pati TNI

"It's more to the ethics that when MPP is not allowed to take strategic policy, he should understand his ethics, especially those who are rotated by 85 high-ranking officers," he said at the DPR Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (7/12). co (Jawa Pos Group).

Sundari questioned the intent and motivation of Gatot doing such a major overhaul. He also responded to the reason Gatot claimed to have advanced the rotation because he did not know the president would hand over the names of the TNI Commander candidate to the DPR.

TNI Commander Gatot Nurmantyo with Kopassus Members in Cijantung, South Jakarta, Thursday (7/12)
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Meanwhile, Billy admitted that the decision is not clear mutation of the retirement. But Gatot insisted that the decision did not violate the TNI rule because he was de facto still serving as TNI Commander.
"So if I am issuing (the letter of mutation) on 5 (December), although legally it is still allowed, de facto I am still the TNI Commander, but ethically it is not I do not violate ethics therefore 4th (December) , "said Gatot.
General Gatot is known to have transferred from the Decree of the Commander of the Armed Forces of Indonesia Number Kep / 982 / XII / 2017 dated December 4, 2017. A copy of the letter of kemudoan was forwarded to the Coordinating Minister for Political, Security and Defense, Head of BIN, to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Mutation of office of 85 High Officers (Pati) TNI consists of 46 Pati ranks of the Army, 28 Pati ranks of the Navy, and 11 Pati ranks of the Air Force. One of the mutated that Lieutenant Army Commander Lt. Gen. Edy Rahmayadi become High Officers Army Headquarters.
Edy proposed an early retirement to advance to the North Sumatra Pilgub 2018. Position will be filled Edy Major General Sudirman, who originally served ASops KSAD.

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