Complete List of Indonesian Dangdut Award Winners 2017 – Ayu Ting Ting and Via Vallen Borong Cup

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – The prestigious award of Dugdut Indonesia 2017 Award will be held again.
This time it was broadcast live by MNCTV from Kanjuruhan Field, Malang, East Java, on Thursday (7/12/2017).
Besides giving awards, ADI 2017 will also present the interesting appearance of the pedangdut with the theme of Indonesian cultural diversity.
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Reporting from, "The theme variation with the work of diversity, so, with diversity we will be more rich in entering the existing cultural elements," said Endah Hari Utari, Programming & Production Director MNCTV at MNC Studios, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (11/28/2017).
So do not be surprised if directly flooded the audience who came directly to the venue.
A number of categories contested by musicians and singers who dabbled in the world of dangdut.
Interestingly Ayu Ting Ting competes again with Via Vallen, because later, both singers are often compared.
And really Ayu and Via are equally strong with perch being the winner.
Here, summarizes after monitoring the event.

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