Bluntly, Lee Jeong Hoon Challenges Irwan Chandra!

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Bluntly, Lee Jeong Hoon Challenge Irwan Chandra! – Not long ago there is good news coming from South Korean men who pioneered his career in the homeland of Lee Jeong Hoon. How not, he finally married a woman from Indonesia named Monique Octaviani.
But amid the happy news, the public was surprised by the many issues that mentioned that the woman who is familiarly called Moa Aeim has been pregnant first before officially married to a man who currently works as a presenter.

In addition to the news of pregnant outside of marriage, reportedly married men who in Indonesia familiarly called Lee oni obstructed by Irwan Chandra. Feel familiar with the name Irwan Chandra? Yapz, Irwan this is a former colleagues group with Lee first named Hitz.

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But in addition to a colleague one boyband, Irwan is apparently a former husband Moa. Irwan had told the pastor that the South Korean man had taken Moa from him.
Copyright © KapanlagiBahkan not only that, yak news keeps irritated by Irwan about the relationship with Moa first. Feeling acceptance, Lee Jeong Hoon was immediately challenged his duet partner in the Hitz.
Lee also hopes that he can meet Irwan's eyes. Besides Lee is very regretful because Irwan is a friend of his group first and if there is a problem he wants Irwan more wisely and immediately said to him.
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"Stunned because he was a friend of one group as well. If he could be more relaxed more can be wise, more wise. If the fight is not necessary. Just if the fight baseball should not be behind, if angry come to me, "Lee said when met in Tendean Region, South Jakarta, Wednesday (6/11/2017).
Copyright © storibriti Furthermore, Lee Jeong Hoon also had time to contact Irwan to talk about his relationship with Moa. But Irwan never wanted to meet directly with him to solve the problem. "I mean not in the back of talking about that person. I am the person casually kok to the point. From yesterday I invited to meet, just baseball him want to meet also "said Lee.
Lee Jeong Hoon also hopes there is no more news about his relationship with Moa. He wants all the oblique news to fade away and change good news.

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