Besides Mount Myoboku, This is the Sage Mode Training Location in Naruto!

Sage Mode is one of the great moves that exist in the Naruto anime and manga series. Here are three locations of Sage Mode exercises that exist in Naruto's world.
Just like a moment, Sage Mode also takes time to be trained and sharpened to make it great. Not arbitrary moment, Sage Mode can only be achieved and controlled by the Ninja in certain locations.
There are three locations where the Sage Mode exercise, and all three are very secret, even few people who have ever menginjakan foot in the three locations. This is the location of the famous Sage Mode exercise in the Naruto anime and manga series.
1 Myoboku Mountain

Of the three locations, Myoboku mountain is the most famous and most often explored in Naruto anime and manga series. Surely because the main character, Naruto, and also his teacher Jiraiya practice Sage Mode here.
Mount Myoboku is the original abode of the animal Kuchiyose frogs that are called by Naruto, Jiraiya, and Minato. Here, Jiraiya is training to get into Sage mode with the old frog here, Fukasaku.
Following in the footsteps of his teacher, Naruto is also through the same Sage Mode exercise here, and also with the same frog, Fukasaku. The difference, Naruto master Sage Mode faster than Jiraiya.

2Gua Ryuchi

If Myoboku mountain is the home of the frogs, then Ryuchi cave is the habitat of snakes that become animals Kuchiyose Orochimaru, Kabuto, Sasuke, and also Anko.
Here, live an elderly snake, named Hakuja Sennin or Sage a white snake. Ninja that makes Ryuchi cave as a place of practice Sage Mode is Kabuto. He came directly and met Hakuja Sennin.
Kabuto himself is the first Ninja in the Naruto series to be shown practicing with Hakuja Sennin and has a Sage Mode snake from the Ryuchi cave. In addition to Kabuto, there is Mitsuki who can enter Sage Mode snake, but it is not clear whether he is practicing like Kabuto, or experimental results.
Unlike Myoboku mountain that cooperate with Konoha, the snakes in Ryuchi caves are more free and do not care about Konoha, therefore Orochimaru use them to conquer Konoha while Naruto is Chuunin exam.

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3 Forest Shikkotsu

In contrast to the previous two locations, the Shikkotsu forest was never shown, and really became a mystery and legend. This forest is the habitat and residence of snail animals, such as Katsuyu who became Kuchiyose's Tsunade and Sakura.
It is also unknown if any Ninja have practiced Sage Mode here, because neither Tsunade nor Sakura has entered Sage Mode. If we draw a family line, then maybe Hashirama is practicing here, considering he also has Sage Mode and has not explained where he is practicing, but this is just a possibility.
Those are the three locations where the Sage Mode exercise is. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comment field, yes.

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