Ariel Tatum Supports Full Resolutions Ryuji Utomo Gets In Thailand

Great decision taken footballer Ryuji Utomo to leave Indonesia and graze in Thailand. The decision also has the full support of the lover, Ariel Tatum who said if he does not have to be far apart from Ryuji for a glorious career.
Ryuji Utomo chose to accept the proposal from the club of Thailand 2 League, PTT Rayong to compete in next season. Ryuji felt the opportunity to play in Persija Jakarta is very minimal, but he needed funds for the treatment of his father. In addition, by playing in the Thai club, is expected to add experience and skills from Ryuji. It was well aware by Ariel Tatum who continue to provide support. Ariel also no problem must LDR – an with Ryuji.

"Ou're approximately more than a thousand miles away but that's okayyyy because the distance means so much so someone else so much HEHEEEE. Congratulations on the new chapter of your amazing journey bebe. Told you million times hard work pays off. Always been so proud of you cintaaaa !! Bismillah .. You're always on my prayer, "wrote Ariel Tatum on his Instagram.
Ryuji also thanked Ariel who continues to support his career as a professional footballer.

"Yes so this picture is very representative of us not really be? Sometimes unfortunately I sometimes want to chokeslam (jiah doi undertaker smackdown kalihh, not joking). But what is amazing is this man who always support me to always pursue my achievements and dreams, always amazed with his personality and his incredible heart (yes yes, but ga smile ge-er also but just read normal aja be, yeu!) . Thanks for always support, i love you to the moon and back up to the stars and back down to the seas! (is pegel also tu love you pacing mandir, tp gpp.) xoxo @arieltatum, "said Ryuji.
Aww .. so sweet!

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