Answers Ata Atariah Shah when asked about his relationship with Vonny Cornelia!

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Answers Ata Atariah Shah When Asked Questions His Relationship with Vonny Cornelia! – Atalarik Syah has started to open-aperture about her relationship with Vonny Cornelia. Because the two celebrities often spend time together and caught several times netizen camera, how the response Arik?
After officially divorced with Tsania Marwa, Arik has indeed opened his heart to other women. Not only that even both also have dared to show affection in public and social media accounts.

The celebrity couple often give each other a compliment. Some posts in Instagram account must also come to make baper the social media users because of the intimacy of the two artists.

But what about Atalarik Shah's response to a public who already knows his relationship with Vonny. Is he calm or even evasive already having an affair with Vonny?
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When asked directly about the relationship with Vonny rupannya arik tau want a lot of comments. Especially with some captions are made with former personnel of Bening vocal grub.
No comment that confirms if the relationship is true but he instead delegated to one gossip account. He feels if the account @ lambe_turah know more about his love story "Lambe Turah know better," said Arik.
Copyright © Instagram The phrase spoken while showing a happy smile appears to confirm if Atalarik Shah does not want much to say. In addition to the relationship with Vonny netizen also made curious about the feud of AriK and Marwa.
Regarding this matter, Arik also baseball give a response about his ex-wife. Especially about the request of the ex-wife to be able to meet with two children who sekarnag are in parenting.
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The father of two children actually requested that the media crew may bet directly to the Indonesian Child Protection Commission. "Ask KPAI aja, asked KPAI," Atalarik Shah explains while leaving the media crew.
That was the response that Arik could give when asked about the child and his closeness with Vonny. For more information continue to keep full information only at

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