Affected by Appendicitis, John Mayer Experiencing Symptoms Like This

Singer John Mayer has inflamed appendicitis until it has to be rushed to the hospital. The disease known as appendicitis makes this former lover Katy Perry should be in intensive care.
Even if the inflammation is no longer defusive, surgery must be performed to remove it before it ruptures.
Why can there be inflammation of the appendix? The appendix in the medical language is known as the appendix. It is a small tubular tissue approximately 9 cm, which is located in the colon.
Reported by WebMD page, Wednesday (6/12/2017), appendix function is actually not in the process of digestion so that if surgery and discarded will not have much effect.
It is very dangerous if severe appendicitis is not operated immediately, because it can rupture and the fluid contaminates the inside of the stomach and other organs. Fatal cause can cause infection and trigger disease.
To recognize this disease, you need to know the symptoms commonly experienced. Like John Mayer, the symptoms of appendicitis are:
– Pain in the portion near the navel or upper abdomen, which progressively increases and moves to the right lower abdomen.
– No appetite
– Nauseous vomit
– In the affected part swelling
– Fever
– Can not fart
– Pain sometimes to feel in the lower back or rectum.
– Difficult urination, pain during BAK.
– Stomach cramps
– Constipation.
If you experience any of the above symptoms, do not try to take your own medicine. Call your doctor immediately to get the best treatment. May be useful.


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