ADI 2017 is divided into three categories

Event The event initiated by one of the private television stations has entered its 11th year. ADI 2017 is divided into three categories. Namely, the top 10 categories, the 3 best categories (selected by the jury), and 2 tersosmed categories (selected by vote like on instagram). Each category has 5 to 7 nominees.

Programming & Acquisition Director of MNCTV Endah Hari Utari said, the city of Malang was chosen as the place of awarding ceremony because it is one of the living city.

"It means that you can receive dangdut music very well, so if you do off water, the audience can be very live and can be felt by the audience at home," said Endah during a press conference at Ibis Hotel Malang on Wednesday (6/12).
Previously, the private television station had several times held a similar event in Malang. The enthusiastic audience was always encouraging. Therefore, it decided to hold ADI 2017 in Malang.Ada two unique things from the mat of ADI 2017. Namely, first held outside the city and first held outdoor. "We want to be close to the people of Malang," said Endah.
He hopes that with this event can provide energy and positive performance to dangdut lovers. Prior to the peak of the event, the organizers will first hold a march with a route as far as 7 kilometers starting at 14:00 pm. The parade will finish at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang.
Sodiq, a dangdut singer from Malang will participate in the parade. In fact, Sodiq also included in the nomination category of male dangdut singer most popular. He also will present the performance for the citizens of Malang. "The theme will be swaying Malang," said Sodiq.
Sodiq did not think much about winning or not. The most important thing is to be able to work in the art world.
ADI 2017 will be hosted by hosts Kartika Putri and Bianca Liza. The event was also enlivened by Via Vallen, Ayu Ting Ting, Jenita Janet, Inul Daratista, and many other dangdut singers.

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