Additional casting for the live series Video Girl Ai, 07 December 2017


          With the approach of its broadcast, which will take place in Japan next month, the drama Video Girl Ai continues to unveil and presents new elements of casting.Something we knew that the protagonist, Shô Moteuchi and nephew of Yôta Moteuchi, hero of the original series, is played by Shûhei Nomura. Ai, it is played by Nanase Nishino. Today, five other characters and their actors are unveiled (from left to right and from top to bottom on the visual): – Tomoaki Furuya (Shô's childhood friend) : Hiroya Shimizu- Nanami Shibahara (Sho's comrade in love): Marie Iitoyo- Rika Omiya (Sho's comrade, in love with him): Karen Ôtomo- Yôta Moteuchi (Shô's uncle and hero of the original manga): Shigeyuki Totsugi Kôji Shimizu (dancer in the original manga, now a film producer): Jun MurakamiTo recall, the series will act as a sequel to the manga Video Girl Ai and is directed by Kazuaki Seki, while Kôhei Kiyasu is on the screenplay. Its broadcast is scheduled for January 2018 in Japan.Published in 1989, the manga Video Girl Ai by Masakazu Katsura has 15 volumes, edited by Tonkam.
An adaptation in six OAV was produced by the studios Production IG and Tatsunoko Production in 1992. In 1991, the work was already the subject of a live film, directed by Ryu Kaneda.Synopsis: The story unfolds at Today, in 2018. We follow Shô Moteuchi, nephew of Yôta who was the hero of the original manga. High school student like any other, Shô is secretly in love with his classmate, Nanami. While at his uncle's house, Sho discovers a broken VHS player. That's when a mysterious young woman comes out of the camera …



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