A suicide attempt in the 1960s

                    C8 upset its programs on Wednesday, December 6 after the death of Johnny Hallyday, who died of lung cancer at the age of 74 at his home in Marnes-la-Coquette. The channel featured Johnny Hallyday's documentary The Story, from the idol to the legend that recounted the life of the French favorite rocker. Among the painful chapters, his suicide attempt in September 1966.

Daddy since August 14th of the same year of a little David, born of his union with the singer Sylvie Vartan, Johnny Hallyday literally loses foot. Absent for his baby and his wife who is seriously considering divorce, the idol of young people plunges into a deep depression. Expected September 10 at the festival of Humanity, Johnny Hallyday will never go on stage … The singer is found in a pool of blood in his bathroom, the veins cut. He is saved in extremis by his secretary who urgently calls for help. There follows a period of forced rest. It was at this time that the Philips brand released the title Black is black that quickly became a huge tube (the largest since The Penitentiary) and allows Johnny Hallyday to reconnect with success.
Accustomed to the tumults of life that did not spare him – his father and his mother abandoned him when he was just a child – the missing rocker often said: "We must fall very low to rebound very "As Michel Mallory, his lyricist and close friend, reminded us. It is this scenario that actually occurred since Johnny Hallyday found the success he had lost during his military service and after which he ran.
The Johnny Hallyday Story, from idol to legend attracted 408,000 viewers, or 1.9% audience shares.


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