6407 Years Old, Here Are 7 Complete Facts About Gabriel's No Game No Life!

Still impressed failed to move on from the movie No Game No Life: Zero yesterday? This Gabriel is very strong and charming! Therefore, let us discuss thoroughly the facts of Gabriel No Game No Life!
Besides being very strong, it turns out Gabriel is already very old age you know! Wow! There are also many facts Jibril No Game No Life other that you certainly do not know!
1Jibril Represents Flugel Race

The first fact of Jibril No Game No Life is that he is a descendant of Ras Flugel, which is the rarest race of the noime No Games No Life series.
Ras Flugel itself has a very-very extraordinary power. This flamble race is the work of Old Deus Artosh, the supreme leader of Flugel and appears in Movie No Game No Life: Zero with tremendous power.
In his movie it is explained that Jibril's power can wipe out a number of areas with a single slash. Evidently in Elven Garde, where the Elves live, was destroyed in one flash. This power is called Heaven's Strike.
Unfortunately, after using this power Gabriel will again become a child because all his strength is used up. Imagine if the entire Flugel race uses Heaven's Strike simultaneously!
2The Power of Gabriel

As a flugel race, Gabriel is endowed with a tremendous power. It is said in the No Game No Life anime and is plainly illustrated on his movie that he is immortal. Ras Flugel, has resistance to disease, all toxins, not getting old, even can regenerate quickly.
Similarly, the attack speed and intensity attacked him extraordinary. Proven when he did not hesitate to finish off Shuvi with a streak and sadistic. Not only that, Gabriel is able to kill a giant (Gigant race), a dragon (race Dragonia), and Phantasma. Despite failing, Gabriel is one of the most destructive Flugels.
In addition, they are also endowed with intelligence, ability to remember, and capture knowledge quickly. So no wonder why Gabriel is thirsty for post-war knowledge.
Soon Gabriel can provide information to Sora and Shiro whenever they ask as long as Gabriel has memories of it.
Gabriel also knows several languages ​​and can do anything simultaneously, for example when playing games but while fighting at the beginning of his meeting with Sora and Shiro in the library.
Gabriel is also very quick in helping his master, suppose Sora, Shiro, and Steph have to go somewhere, immediately Jibril teleport and penetrate the wall when called.
3the weakness of Gabriel

As a race that is arguably the strongest, the brightest, and eternal, Gabriel has a weakness in which he has a very high confidence. Because of this he sees other races as a weak race, only a handful of dust that is ready to be killed and conquered.
This affects him so that he does not see the hidden power of the sisters, Sora and Shiro. Sora also mentioned that Jibril lost because of his own arrogance.

Gabriel also has an overwhelming curiosity. He is even willing to trade everything he has for the knowledge he does not know without thinking about the risks he will take.
Therefore, from the beginning Sora and Shiro have calculated that he will be their subordinate. Gabriel is the first Flugel to serve the human race!
Another weakness of Gabriel is that if he is already using Heaven's Strike, his body will shrink. In this form, Gabriel and the other Flugel will not have any power for five years.
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Not only this fact lies Jibril No Game No Life! See next page yuk!

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