Yuk Kenalan with Princess Marino, the Beautiful Beauty Who Gets the Best Actress Degree at FFI 2018

Princess Marino's name became a hot conversation in the event the Indonesian Film Festival 2017. The reason, the girl who starred in the film Posesif successfully won the best actress in her first film. Well for that, yuk know more through the following five facts Princess Marino.
Nobody thought if Princess Marino managed to win the Best Actress title in the event FFI. Moreover the film Posesif is his first act as a widescreen actress.
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Princess Marino also defeated several senior actresses such as Adinia Wirasti (Critical Eleven), Dian Sastrowardoyo (Kartini), Sheryl Sheinafia (Galih and Ratna) and Tatjana Saphira (Sweet 20).
Well if curious about this beautiful-faced girl, yuk acquaintance through the five facts Princess Marino following.
1A Fashion Designer

Princess Marino was born in Medan, North Sumatra, August 21, 1993. But the eldest of three brothers grew up in Bali. Beautiful paras Princess Marion can not be separated from the blood mix of her parents who is keturuan Bali and Italy.
Before plunging into the world of entertainment Land, Princess is known as a fashion designer for a retail in Bali. Until now, Princess still often design if there is spare time.
1Water My Trip My Adventure

In 2013, Princess Marino decided to move to Jakarta. Who would have thought, the step is the beginning of the career of the daughter on the stage entertainment.
Princess was selected to be the presenter of My Trip My Advanture event. There, many new nuptials that he found, including enjoying a hobby of being a traveler. This can be seen from some uploads on his Instagram account that shows that the actor Lala in the film Posesif is like traveling.
2Posesif Being His First Movie

After becoming a presenter of My Trip My Adventure, Princess career continues to climb. Paired with the Duke of Dolken, he was also starred in the movie Posesif directed by Edwin.
Her slick appearance was successful to bring Princess Marino into the Best Actress nomiasi at the Indiesia Film Festival event. And who would have thought, competing with several senior actresses such as Dian Sastro and Adinia Wirasti, Princess Marino just managed to be asked as Best Actress FFI 2017.
4Totalitasnya in Acting

Her acting as Lala certainly can not be separated from the totality of Princess in acting. In addition to building an intimate chemistry with Duke of Dolken, Princess Marino also to learn directly from an athlete to make a beautiful jump from a height of 10 meters.
Totalitasnya in acting was paid through the award of Best Actress at the Indonesia Film Festival 2017.
3Film Next

The facts of Princess Marino are the next project of the Medan-born girl. Yes, for those of you who are still not satisfied with his acting as Lala in Posesif film, Princess Marino will return to present in several films that will be aired in 2017 ie Do not Blame God and Want So What ?.
In the movie Do not Blame God, Princess comes as a character named Eva Meliana Santi, while in the movie Mau Jadi Apa? Princess Marino appeared as Princess.

Well whether you are curious about Princess Marino's acting in the next films?

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