Witnesses Revealed There's Ration Setya Novanto Rp 100 M from E-KTP Corruption

        Mahdaen.TV News – The trial of e-KTP corruption case with defendant Andi Agustinus alias Andi Narogong was again held in Corruption Court, Central Jakarta. There are five witnesses presented in this session, one of them is the former Director of Information Administration of the Directorate General of Dukcapil Kemendagri, Sugiharto.
In the hearing, prosecutors at the KPK played recording conversations that allegedly Director of Biomorph Lone LLC Johannes Marliem and Sugiharto. The prosecutor immediately confirmed to Sugiharto.
"That's the voice of Mr. (Sugiharto) where?" Said the prosecutor in the trial in Corruption Court, Central Jakarta, Monday (13/11/2017).
"Yeah right it was a conversation in my office. It's in my room, "replied Sugiharto.



The prosecutor then asked about what was discussed in the meeting. In his testimony, Sugiharto admitted that he discussed with Johanes Marliem is related to the allocation of Setya Novanto aka SN or the person behind Andi Narogong.
"Related to what?" Asked the prosecutor.
"Allowance for Andi, for his boss. For SN, "replied Sugiharto.
Sugiharto continued, the discussion of the ration began when the defendant Andi Narogong requested that the Chairman of the Golkar faction at that time who is not Setya Novanto get Rp 100 billion. But at that time, said Sugiharto, Johanes Marliem can only give Rp 60 billion.
"Request money for Andi. Andi it for his boss, yes it's Setya Novanto. But the point is uncertain, but clearly if it can be Rp 100 billion, "said Sugiharto to prosecutors KPK.
In addition, in the recording Sugiharto also told Marliem to wait for the calculation of expenditure with PT Quadra Solutions Director Anang Sugiana Sudihardjo.
"Anang same Andi Johaness Marliem same there are counts unclear. It's related to the same number of Johans, there are fields that have not been calculated until now, "said Sugiharto.

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