Will there still be pilots in planes tomorrow?

Increased rate of flight, depletion of crews, understaffing, disorganization, instability of schedules: the consequences of the lack of pilots become at the same time a cause for discomfort for the pilot unions.
In recent months, it was for example the HOP pilots! to seize the subject during a six-day strike that marked the weekend of July 14, 2017. "The collective agreement is always going towards more productivity for pilots, without wanting to build the future of the company" explains Armand Simon, president of SNPL HOP!, one of the pilots' unions of the domestic subsidiary of Air France. According to the union, the understaffing would be estimated at HOP! to 75 pilots.
But it is of course at Ryanair, the most profitable European company (1.3 billion euros in profits in 2016), that the shortage made the headlines of the fall of 2017. With nearly 900 hours of flights per year, the maximum allowed, Ryanair pilots are the most productive of the continent.
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Which, in addition to cancellations of repeated flights impacting nearly 700,000 travelers, led to a massive flight of pilots to some competing companies, such as Norwegian.
A situation that currently drives drivers loyal to the Irish company to meet in a union, which has always refused Michael O'Leary, their boss.

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