When Nikita Willy is showing off her body in this photo!

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When Nikita Willy is showing off her body in this photo!
Indowarta.com – Who does not know the beautiful artist Nikita Willy? Pesinetron this one is one of the artists who also get a lot of media spotlight. Whether it's about his career and his relationship with his lover, Indra Priawan.
Women who began his career in the world of acting is increasingly catapulted his name in the entertainment arena of the homeland. Starting from sinetron, ftv until the film had been tested by the artist born in Jakarta 29 June 1994 this.

Despite being very busy with his work in the entertainment world, it seems that Nikita always takes time to relax like a vacation. As recently, this ex-lover tutde shows her photographs while enjoying the beauty of nature.

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This time the star of sinetron Dua Wanita Cantik shows the moment when he was in Tegungunan waterfall located in Bali. "That super happy facial expresion seeing waterfall (super happy face when looking at the waterfall)," Nikita Willy wrote as a photo caption.
Copyright © Instagram / Nikitawillyofficial94 It's like going on a tour in nature, Nikita Willy is wearing casual shirts and shorts. This Sabrinian-necked shirt shows part of her slender stomach. As for her portraits, Nikita chose to wear white-and-blue shorts. He stood in front of the waterfall.
While his beautiful face is facing upwards while smiling. With clothes like that, sexy body shape Nikita Willy was clearly visible. Even his butt looks prominent, it is seen in the photo uploaded on his Instagram account, Monday (13/11/2017). Up to now Nikita upload has reached 69.1K more instagram users and flooded with diverse comments from netter.
Not a few who praise the beauty, as well as how to shoot so Nikita Willy looks high. However, there is also a claim to be tempted with the appearance. "Sexy once … clothes clothes. : '- + 0. Take a shower at the waterfall. "Praise netter," Gilaa Sexy really "Connect the others," Koq kmu sexy and make gemess sihh .. "Add another.
"S shapeeeee … 😎😎😎😎 menggodaaahhhhhh" Continue the other, "Wow really, make heart melt .. 😍" Praise netter, "Sexsi once" Add another, "bodyidamanС" "Answer the other.

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