When Amber Heard talks about heroines DC Comics

When we see her tomorrow as Mera, Amber Heard gives us reasons to love some of the other female characters of DC.Si of course, it evokes the character she has already played twice in the DCEU without her being known yet, the new Queen of Atlantis (or maybe not yet) is also coming back to her love of Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Big Barda, Poison Ivy, and of course Harley Quinn.Amber Heard does not fail to detail the qualities of a Wonder Woman strongly present in the minds, with powers and iconic accessories and a totally respected sexuality. She talks about Catwoman, a thief and feline who creates critical situations to escape each time. The actress also praises the redemption of Big Barda, mercenary and assassin, far too rare for her. She also takes the time to stop on her character by talking about her powers to control the water, to end up evoking Gotham Poison Ivy's buxom villain, her botanical side and her human side that make her dangerous and the very popular and manipulative Harley Quinn, psychiatrist perverted by his love for the Joker.

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